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Aug 5, 2021

Elena Hansen, CEO & Founder of SWIM SOCIAL is the woman behind so many of your favorite high profile social media accounts. SWIM clients have included: Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour, LL Cool J, Jay Ellis, Phoebe Robinson, Alfred Coffee just to name a few. We talk all about how she bootstrapped her company starting with her first client who she took from 1,000 to 140,000 followers and has grown to be a wildly successful, sought after company by major celebrities, brands, movies, world tours and more. Elena shares her 6 tips for growing your social media and other social strategies to help grow successfully and authentically. Social media can be overwhelming, but Elena cuts through the noise with her sincere approach- rooted in community, creative, and storytelling. She shares her tips for negotiating, what she thinks is most important when creating a pitch deck, the smartest decision she ever made in business and what she’s learned about herself along the way. 

Produced by Dear Media.