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Oct 14, 2021

Shan Boodram is a certified sex educator dating coach and relationship expert with over 70 million views on YouTube and 500,000 followers on Instagram. She’s passionate about helping others in their relationships and sex lives but she is also honest, fun and sincere in her approach. Today she’s answering some of the sex questions women are too embarssed to ask! We talk about:

  • What it might really mean if your sex life is boring.
  • How to embrace your partner's unconventional fetishes even if they make you uncomfortable at first.
  • Why women need to stop waiting to ask men out (and what you can do about it!)
  • How to handle unpleasant smells down there.
  • How getting in the mood is so different for everybody.
  • How to synchronize your orgasms with your partner, the Orgasm gap and so many more orgasm questions.

Produced by Dear Media.