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Sep 30, 2021

Maria Shriver is a journalist and former First Lady of California, and now the founder of Mosh a mission-driven brain health brand. After watching her father suffer from Alzheimer’s disease she dedicated herself to Alzheimer’s advocacy, founding the organization Women's Alzheimer’s Movement, funding research, and bringing awareness to brain health. Today she shares:
  • Why Alzheimer’s disease is bankrupting our country (and why young people should care). 
  • Alzheimer’s disproportionately effects women (2/3)
    • New findings in Alzheimer’s and brain research.
  • Why we need to care about our brain health even in our twenties and thirties.
  • Why she and her son Patrick Schwarzenegger decided to team up to create MOSH - a protein bar made for your brain.
  • How she and Oprah Winfrey became fast friends when they both started working at the same TV station in their twenties. 
  • Why she doesn’t fear failure and why you shouldn’t either.
  • Why Walter Cronkite told her “all the best people get fired”.
    • What to look for in a life partner.
  • Why it’s so important to write your own story.

Produced by Dear Media.