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Nov 18, 2021

What does it mean to be Man Enough? Today we are digging in with Justin Baldoni. You probably know Justin from his role as Rafael Solano on the massively popular series ‘Jane the Virgin’, or as a director of the acclaimed film Five Feet ApartHe is on a mission to ‘undefine masculinity’— strip away unhealthy expectations and create more space for men (and everyone else) to fully be themselves. 


In his book Man Enough’, which has evolved into a  podcast community, he shares stories of how society rarely provides space for men to be whole. Today Justin shares his own hurt and the learnings that have come from those experiences. We talk about: 


  • How he realized he was “crowdsourcing” his personality.
  • The key differences in male friendships vs. female ones and what needs to change in order for men to have stronger friendships with other men.
  • The number one question we need to start asking men and boys.
  • Why men need to learn to allow themselves to feel.
  • Why bad feelings can be good.
  • The Patriarchal Pyramid 
  • The insecurities men face when it comes to their bodies.
  • Why women need to be mindful of their own misogyny.
  • How he knew his wife Emily was ‘the one’.


Produced by Dear Media.