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Sep 16, 2021

Psychotherapist and grief advocate Megan Devine is here to help us all understand and navigate grief better. Will I ever feel normal again? What do I say to someone who is grieving? How can I best support my loved ones in grief? Is there something I should avoid saying? Is what I’m experiencing normal?  There are so many questions when it comes to grief,  whether you’re experiencing it yourself or trying to show up for a loved one who is in it. Megan and I discuss:
  • Megan’s personal story of grief with sudden loss of her husband and how it changed her view of grief and her work.
  • How best to show up for someone who is grieving.
  • The number one thing we need to remember when trying to support someone in grief.
  • What grief hijacking is and why you should avoid it at all costs.
  • Why we need to change the narrative surrounding grief and the expectations we place on those who are experiencing it.
  • Things that happen while in grief that are totally normal even if you might feel like you’re going crazy. 
  • How grief changes you and if you will ever feel “normal” again.

Produced by Dear Media.