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Dec 2, 2021

Founder of the successful company Arrae + shot of the podcast Dream Bigger, Siffat Haider joins PRETTYSMART today. After having a horrible history with her own health for years, Siffat noticed a gap in the wellness industry and sought to create a supplement for women that was effective and beautifully packaged. That was the impetus for Arrae - natural supplements that offer women relief from bloat and anxiety. Using her wedding money to start the business, Siffat utilized instagram and influencers to get her product in front of consumers and was profitable in just three short months. And today she’s here to tell us her journey from writer/blogger to wellness entrepreneur.
Siffat opens up about:
  • How to use Instagram + influencer marketing to get noticed
  • Noticing a gap in the wellness industry
  • Wanting to create a supplement that makes women feel their best
  • Building trust with the consumer
  • Great advice for entrepreneurs
  • Using her own money to launch the company
  • Being methodical about money
  • On spending money on branding
  • Her best negotiating tip
  • The smartest decision she ever made



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