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Sep 2, 2021

Boundaries are the single most important determinant in the health of ALL of our relationships. And yet so many of us struggle with them. We find ourselves frustrated, resentful, and/or unable to express our needs. Nedra Glover Tawaab is here to end the struggle. She is an author, licensed therapist and relationship expert. Nedra’s book ‘Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself’ is a New York Times best-seller. You might also know her from Instagram where she has 1.1 Million Instagram followers and gives out bite-sized pieces of advice, life lessons, and affirmations. Nedra shares:
  • How to successfully express our needs, say "no," and be assertive without offending others.
  • Signs to look for that you aren’t holding boundaries.  Simple-yet-powerful ways to establish healthy boundaries with family, friends and coworkers.
  • Why people may push back when you set a boundary and how you can respond.
  • The power of learning how to say no to things you just don’t want to do. 
  • Why it’s actually mean to say yes when what you really want to say is no.  
  • How to avoid burnout at work by setting boundaries with your co-workers.
  • The importance of listening to + trusting ourselves in order to set better boundaries with the people in our lives.
  • How to set boundaries on social media so you won’t be so miserable every time you scroll. 
  • How to set boundaries with family members.
  • 3 questions you can ask yourself when setting boundaries.

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