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May 4, 2023

Worried about a friend? Or unsure of how to support someone going through a hard time?  In honor Mental Health Awareness month, Danielle partnered with LaurelBox to create a free digital download to help us connect with and support friends going through a hard time. Here are 15 Questions: FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: HTTPS://WWW.LAURELBOX.COM/PRODUCTS/GRIEF-SUPPORT-GUIDE-FREE-DIGITAL-DOWNLOAD

Laurel Box is a female founded business – created by cousins Denise Wolfe and Johanna Mutz. They create heartfelt, personalized sympathy gifts for people who’ve experienced loss, to help nourish the hearts and support people going through a difficult season of life. We discuss: 

  • How to show up for someone going through a hard time
  • What to say to someone in grief, morning, or struggling 
  • How Johanna’s miscarriage played a role in creating LaurelBox
  • While LaurelBox gifts are physical, they serve a much more emotional purpose.
  • The language around grief 
  • The purpose of gift giving 

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