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Apr 6, 2023

April Showers is the first female, Black-owned business to own a licensed character brand in a major retailer. She is the creator of Afro Unicorn, a brand designed to represent the uniqueness of women and children of color in a truly diverse and inclusive fashion, selling apparel and accessories to toys, puzzles, books and more. Today she shares:

  • How karma played a huge role in her success.
  • What it’s like having Disney and Star Wars as her main competitors.
  • How she launched the brand amidst some of the hardest personal moments in her life. 
  • How she got into her first big box retailer.
  • Why her approach is “All gas, no breaks.”
  • The surprising way she learned all about licensing her brand. 
  • Her visualization and journaling practices that helped her as she’s built her empire.
  • The most pivotal decision she’s made in her business.
  • Why she says you can go after exactly what you want. 
  • How she thought her life was going to end when she got pregnant because she hadn’t seen a positive image of a single mother + how she feels about it now. 
  • The surprising lesson she has learned from her two sons.