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Apr 13, 2023

Steph Jagger is a bestselling author, life coach, and speaker. Her grandmother had dementia and her mother, early onset Alzheimer’s. Steph says “my biggest fear is the fact that I live inside of a lineage of forgetfulness. I don’t want to forget. I want to remember.” We spend decades building a life and wanting to remember it all. We save photos, we take home movies. In her new memoir Everything Left to Remember, she explores what’s left when our memories are taken from us. We discuss: 

  • What we learn about our own stories through our families stories.
  • What do we lose when we lose our memories?
  • Conscious Grieving vs. Unconscious Despair 
  • MOTHERING: The 4 archetypes of mother: QUESTION: what will I allow to be created through me?
  • The 1 question Steph wished she asked her mother before her Alzheimer’s diagnosis
  • How to have hard conversations (anger vs. aggression)
  • How tapping into her “inner mystic” allowed her to witness her mother’s journey in awe 
  • How love and loss shapes us
  • What it’s like to be with a person you know you are going to lose
  • Deep remembrance
  • Bully energy and how to combat it (intimacy + connection)
  • What it looks and feels like when women forget themselves + shapeshifting. 
  • "Pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it.” How to determine what pain is yours and what is someone else’s to bear.
  • Owning mortality, and how that makes you live differently. 

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