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Oct 19, 2023

Va$htie Kola is known as “downtown’s sweetheart.” What does that nickname mean? It depends on who you ask. She’s a New York-based DJ, Director, Filmmaker, Designer, Creative Consultant, DJ and style icon whose influence has been felt far and wide. She has emerged as a role model for young tastemakers.” In other words, she’s kind of like the OG influencer. And she broke barriers  in 2010 when she became the first woman ever to craft a collaborative Air Jordan sneaker! Today she shares:

  • What it was like to direct music videos for stars like Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar. 
  • Her initial foray into film + how she kick-started her career
  • Seeing her first video treatment for Common air on MTV
  • The challenges she faced as a female director in the mid-2000s
  • Why she is a good representation of culture in this digital era + has a love for everything analog
  • How a birthday cake led to her becoming the first woman to create a colorway for the Jordan brand
  • Her entry into sneaker culture 
  • The tastemakers she loves
  • Balancing life as a mom and DJ
  • Navigating a cross-cultural relationship with her Danish husband

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