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Dec 21, 2023

Burnout is on the rise worldwide—and reports say that there are two groups that are the most burnt out: Gen Z/ young millennials and women. This week we are hearing from an ambitious woman who experienced burnout firsthand, this is her story: Stacie Brockman with us, a serial entrepreneur, passionate investor, dedicated board member, co-founder of Métier Creative and founding member of Coveteur. In 2019, Stacie founded PLZ&THX, a brand incubator and accelerator. Stacie is a marketing mastermind who earned respect in the industry for her disruptive marketing approach and her innate ability to find the white space– clients like CHANEL, Tiffany & Co, Disney, Dior, and Lauryn Hill (to name a few!) Stacie opens up about how her ambition and perfectionism led to burnout and the life-changing steps she has taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Today she shares:

  • Her experience building Coveteur from the ground up
  • How perfectionism led to mental health issues
  • How perfectionism can lead to burnout
  • Experiencing her first panic attack and burnout
  • Why she took a medical leave from her own company
  • What she learned about celebrities at their core (from their closets)
  • Your most important title and role in this life
  • The true meaning of legacy

Connect with Stacie on Instagram @staciebrockman 

Learn about her new venture: PLZ&