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Dec 15, 2022

Love Wellness founder + former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills Lo Bosworth is here to share her wellness journey and how it inspired her to help others do the same. She shares:

-Where do our 'happy hormones" come from?

-The chronic health problems she faced + how it took 18 months for her to get a proper diagnosis.

-How healing her gut healed her anxiety, depression and many other health issues (vitamin deficiencies can result in anxiety + depression)

-How our gut health is connected to our vaginal and brain health. 

-Supplements 101 - where to start if you want to heal your gut. 

-How being on MTV turned out to be a blessing (even if it made her cry).

-The struggles she faced being a reality TV star. 

-Why she was inspired to start her company Love Wellness


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