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Dec 9, 2021

  1. Why do women feel flat despite eating well and working out the same way as their male colleagues? The answer lies in gender bias. Dr. Stacy Sims, PhD, a Female Athlete Performance Physiologist specializing in sex differences is widely recognized as a visionary across the sports performance industry and viral Ted Talk: Women are Not Small Men. 
  • Dr. Stacy dispels myths about women’s bodies we have been taught
  • The best workouts/foods to eat for recovery for each phase of your cycle
  • How COVID completely shifted women’s health
  • Trans men & women compete in sports against the other biological sex
  • Marketing trick for women’s products: What it means to ‘Shrink It & Pink It’ and what to beware of
  • Women are not small men: Why women’s health data is so under researched and so underfunded
  • Why are girls in sports nearly 2x more likely to drop out in puberty?
  • Will we see men + women play on the same professional sports teams?
  • Stacy’s favorite post workout meal + #1 tip to improve sleep 
  • What is the real meaning of sport 

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