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Aug 24, 2023

Comedian + actress Amanda Seales (Insecure) is coming out with a new comedy special–one she wrote, produced, starred in and financed!! Do you know hard that is?! She joins Danielle today for an unfiltered conversation about her long career in Hollywood (the great + the challenging), Hollywood hierarchy, why people forget the entertainment business is a business, and her new unapologetically political comedy doc “In Amanda We Trust.” Today she shares:

  • What staying the course + resilience in your career really looks + feels like. 

  • Her unfiltered thoughts on the Screen Actor’s Guild and Writers Guild Association strikes impacting Hollywood

  • Why co-hosting The Real was her last effort to be a part of “the system”

  • She reveals the co-star she dated on the set of Insecure 

  • Her opinion on friendships with the cast of Insecure + coworkers in general

  • The story of financing her new standup special “In Amanda We Trust: An Unapologetically Political Comedy Doc” and why it was a game changing 

  • Being brutally honest with herself about what she can handle, and what she can’t 

  • Why the U.S is at a critical time in our political history 

  • She reflects on her miscarriage shortly after her departure from The Real and how it reframed her thinking about what to do next 

  • Her unfiltered thoughts about her social media following and what people project onto her

Follow Amanda on Instagram @amandaseales and check out her comedy special “In Amanda We Trust” on August 18 exclusively at