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Mar 23, 2023

Adriana Carrig founded the original word bracelet– Little Words Project. What started in her parents basement has now grown to 40 employees, 7 locations, and huge brand collaborations with companies like Nike, Barbie, WNBA, Dunkin Donuts. Just like so many great companies, Adriana’s was started from pain– she was bullied as a young person and wanted to inject the world with some more kindness. Although the company has grown and changed, that mission of kindness has sustained throughout. Despite doubters, Adriana hasn’t changed her core perspective in the last decade of building her company. By staying true to her brand’s values and taking bold, strategic risks, she’s been able to serve the original customers who keep the brand growing year-after-year. She shares

  • Why the key to taking on any tough project is to “just start beading”
  • When she knew she really had something special (post sorority).
  • How facing cruelty + bullying throughout her life inspired to build a brand of kindness.
  • Why she breaks the stereotype that women are risk averse.
  • How her brand continues to grow on the strength of the foundational original customer.
  • Why copycat companies don’t faze her at all.
  • What it feels like to grow from a family-size business to dozens of employees.
  • How she went from making her bracelets in her parents’ house to the CEO of a multi-million dollar business