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Dec 28, 2023

When you trust in the universe, the universe rewards you. Dellara Gorjian is a prime example of the beauty that can unfold when you are living a truly authentic life. The law school alum and immigration law advocate turned content creator (aka, our TikTok “legal baddie”) has cultivated a community of over 1.4 million. She keeps it real, raw and spiritual.

Today she shares:

  • What being a loner in school gave her
  • Her struggle with feeling both confident and insecure 
  • Her incredible journey from lawyer to content creator
  • Her concerns about DACA
  • The toxicity of the content creator industry
  • Why influencers shouldn’t niche down on social
  • How the TikTok algorithm helped grow her audience
  • Where the term “legal baddie” came from
  • Pivoting from law to content creation
  • How the universe rewards you for acts of courage
  • Why she considers the universe her sugar daddy
  • How gratitude can lead to breakthrough and opportunity
  • Why disagreements are beautiful and have the power to connect people

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