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Aug 17, 2023

Entrepreneur Nancy Twine was a VP at Goldman Sachs when she tragically lost her mom. That incredible loss prompted her to start thinking about how she wanted to spend her time. She had childhood memories making beauty products in the kitchen with her chemist mother and decided she was going start a clean haircare line.Today she is the founder and CEO of Briogeo. Today she shares:

  • How to find passion in your job
  • Why having your career as part of your identity can be a good thing
  • The importance of evaluating how we spend our time
  • How a tragedy led to her founding a multimillion dollar company
  • How grief inspired fearlessness
  • Launching a company during economically uncertain times
  • Why educating your consumer is the key to success
  • Becoming the youngest Black woman to launch in Sephora and supporting the next wave of Black beauty business owners
  • The brutal business of retail and understanding the levers that drive those merchants 
  • How to handle the “no’s” in business
  • What to consider when selling your company or bringing on investors
  • Why leaders need to let go and empower their employees
  • Why you should define your north star and set an intention for success
  • The technique she uses to maximize her day and protect her time
  • And the surprising factor that can affect your hair health!

Follow Nancy on Instagram @NancyTwine and check out her site here!