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Apr 8, 2021

Do some of the clues to our mental health- anxiety, depression and stress lie in our family’s history? If you’re triggered by something and can’t figure out why, Dr. Wasserman says the answer might lie in your family history. An emerging line of research is exploring how historical and cultural traumas such as oppression, genocide, racism, poverty, and financial instability can affect people’s children for generations. Dr. Melissa Wasserman, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in PTSD, military behavioral health, and couple/family psychology, and formerly worked at UCLA where she worked as a trauma therapist. She explains the effects it has on us, how research suggests that trauma may even alter our genes, and trauma as it relates to the current pandemic and how it might affect future generations. We discuss how to spot the signs, what we can learn from our ancestors' and Dr. Wasserman gives questions to ask yourself to explore your own generational trauma/s.

Produced by Dear Media.