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Mar 18, 2021

Are you a ‘moody' person? If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “why can't I just be happy?” Or if you’ve ever felt frustrated and can’t pinpoint why, this episode is for you. Instead of judging or criticizing our moods, Lauren Martin, founder of the successful Instagram account Words of Women and author of The Book of Moods, teaches us how we can harness our moods and use them to our benefit.  Lauren has this very unique ability to unpack emotions, and moods that can feel hard or even embarrassing to talk about. She takes us through her own journey and self-awareness, which in turn allows us to reflect on our own as she speaks on navigating friendships, relationships, family, career as a moody woman. We also discuss the ups and downs of Instagram, the key to having a successful career  and the unique challenges we face when it comes to our female friendships. 

Produced by Dear Media.