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Mar 4, 2021

How did Rebecca Minkoff go from selling a t-shirt to millions in annual revenue, in 900 stores worldwide? The founder of the global fashion brand candidly shares the biggest lessons + challenges she faced over the past 16 years of running her own business- the high moments and the hard ones, even revealing her biggest regret. She talks through how she funded the brand initially, why she named it RM, what she wishes she knew early on, and opens up about how even recently she had a real lack of faith in herself (and how she overcame it). She reveals what she thought success would look like versus what it feels like. Rebecca gives us a preview of her upcoming book FEARLESS: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage and Success, and has an unexpected interpretation of the word fearless. She explains why learning to say “f*ck It to fear" was the biggest contributor to her success. We of course talk fashion, (what staples every woman needs in her closet, her favorite piece of all-time), how she integrated technology into fashion and became a first-mover in several spaces like Instagram and Only Fans, why she started Female Founder Collective (brilliant idea!), her number one tip for negotiation, parenting, and her unexpected tip for finding true love! 

Produced by Dear Media.