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Dec 1, 2022

Marcy Blum and Jess Conroy have each revolutionized the wedding industry in their own exceptional ways. Marcy is an internationally sought-after event planner and entertaining expert with 30 years of experience throwing innovative and ground-breaking events. Jess is the founder and CEO of Carats & Cake, a financial operating system created for the events industry. These women each have tackled a different piece of the $60 billion-a-year wedding industry pie, but their creativity and uniqueness have earned them both respect in their field. Today we cover: 

  • Wedding/Party/Event Do’s + Don’ts 
  • The biggest waste of money when it comes to weddings 
  • Why you shouldn’t be a chill host 
  • How to create meaning at events and parties (weddings)
  • Setting the right tone for a party 
  • Over 2 million couples get married a year. A wedding can be one of the largest purchases a couple makes in their life…how can we make it more meaningful? 
  • How Marcy + Jess transformed the events industry 
  • Building a brand and noticing the white space in your industry 
  • Advice for seeking investors 
  • Raising money as an entrepreneur and the power of storytelling