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Aug 3, 2023

Writer, Editor, Podcast Host, and most importantly, Sarah Michelle Gellar Historian, Evan Ross Katz has an unfiltered conversation about pop culture, internet culture, and of course celebrities! Today he dishes all about:

  • What drew him to Hollywood

  • The jobs not listed on his resume

  • Standom and who he thinks has the most emphatic fandom

  • How to write a great cold email

  • Why he believes in protecting celebrities

  • Why celebrity news culture is shifting

  • His thoughts on internet culture

  • What’s going down in his DMs

  • He gives his candid thoughts on the etiquette of gossip, AI and its impact on culture, the performance of celebrity and Nepo babies

  • He also reveals the surprising celebrity that loves to gossip, the celeb who blocked and unblocked him(!) and the person who influenced both of our careers

Follow Evan on Instagram @evanrosskatz and check out his podcast Shut Up Evan!