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Nov 11, 2021

Marianna Hewitt is one of the OG influencers with over 1 million followers, was named WWD Beauty Inc's Influencer of the Year, and cofounder of the successful clean skincare brand Summer Fridays. Today she’s here to give both some insight and inspiration. We talk about: 

  • How she got her start in LA and what it finally took for her to go after her dreams.
  • How she pivoted when she realized her dream of being a TV host wasn’t actually what she wanted.
  • What people don’t understand about the work that goes into being an influencer.
  • The start and launch of her brand Summer Fridays and what she learned from it.
  • How it’s okay to launch a brand even if there are already similar products in the marketplace.
  • The “Why NOT me” mindset she’s always had and how that has helped her succeed. 
  • What being an influencer has taught her.
  • How to use social media to build a successful brand 
  • The importance of aesthetics and an Instagram-able brand
  • The motto she lives by (Love this one!) 

Produced by Dear Media.