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Nov 4, 2021

Lindsay Peoples Wagner was in her late twenties when she became the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, making her the youngest Editor-in-Chief in Conde Nast’s History. Now she’s the Editor-in-Chief of New York Magazine’s Fashion Vertical, The Cut and co-founder of the Black in Fashion Council. Today she shares: 
  • What it’s like starting out in the fashion industry when you don’t come from money and how she made it happen.
  • Why it’s her mission to open the door to the fashion industry + tell better and more diverse stories
  • The gut decision that changed her career
  • We discuss her viral article “What It’s Really Like To Be Black + Work In Fashion” + the effects of having to dim your light.
  • The 24 hour rule 
  • What she wore for her interview with Anna Wintour before landing the job as EIC of Teen Vogue.
  • What style advice she would give her younger self.
  • The mentor you really need vs. the mentor you think you need.

Produced by Dear Media.