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Nov 9, 2023

Ever wonder why your work environment is toxic? Or why your boss is such a terrible leader? Do you know what to look for or ask in a job interview to understand a company’s culture? Social psychologist Susanna Kislenko is the authority on leadership, red flags and toxicity in the workplace. She’s a Doctor of Philosophy who focuses on leadership, researching, and supporting founder leadership in the startup environment and currently serves as the Skoll Centre Postdoctoral Fellow, specializing in Leading for Impact at Oxford University's Saïd Business School. Today she shares:

  • How to determine leadership style

  • Why highly sensitive people make great leaders

  • Why great leaders have a strong mind-body connection

  • The #1 complaint people have about their jobs

  • What makes a workspace safe and the qualities of a great leader

  • How to determine the type of leader someone will be

  • Which red flags to look out for when interviewing at a company

  • How to assess a company’s culture

  • The right questions to ask to land the job

  • Her unfiltered thoughts about people online sharing their leadership philosophies

  • The biggest red flag that you should be wary of

  • Love bombing at work and why sometimes you should be wary of the company’s perks

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