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May 18, 2023

Grammy Award–winning artist Kelly Rowland and educator Jessica McKay join the podcast to talk about motherhood and share their children’s book Always with You, Always with Me. They discuss:

  • The inspiration behind the book and the struggles of being a working mom.
  • Why representation in books and media is so important (and what happens when there is a lack of it). 
  • Mom guilt and how they work through it. 
  • How writing this book impacted how they think about their own mothers.
  • Jessica’s inspiring views on flipping the narrative around motherhood + career
  • How Kelly was able to forgive her mom after she passed away.
  • How motherhood changed them. 
  • Why Kelly thinks girl groups are necessary. 
  • The most fun Kelly’s ever had in the entertainment industry (Coachella with Beyonce). 
  • The biggest misconceptions about fame. 
  • Kelly’s breast augmentation and how she would talk to her own kids/nieces about it.
  • How they knew their husbands were the one. 

Order their children’s book Always with You, Always with Me

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