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Mar 30, 2023

World Renowned Psychic Medium and Best-Selling Author Rebecca Rosen joins PRETTYSMART to talk about her new book, “What’s Your Heaven: 7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully Now.” She shares:

  • 3 tangible ways to raise your vibe + frequency.
  • The one major thing that might be blocking you from manifesting the things you want.
  • How to tell the difference between intuition + anxious mind thoughts. 
  • Who is Team Spirit?  And how we can all utilize them to help us + guide us?
  • A new way to reframe when hard things show up for us in life.
  • What spirits want us to know while we are still living. 
  • Why meditation is key to help us tap into our higher self (and her advice if meditation is hard for you!) 
  • The one question to ask yourself before you make any decision.
  • Reincarnation, soul contracts and soul groups: What they are and how they can help us better understand our life experiences. 
  • Why we don’t have to wait to die to experience heaven.

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