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Jun 22, 2023

We talk frequently about what it means to be a mother on this podcast. But what about what it means to be a father? And how do our relationships with our father’s impact us? Co-host of the Today show, anchor at NBC and author of the book "Pops: Learning to Be a Son and a Father." joins PRETTYSMART to talk about fatherhood, parenting and what his relationship with his dad has taught him about himself. He shares:

  • Why we need to stop expecting people to become something they have no examples of.
  • Why the hard times in his life have become what fuels him to be so successful.
  • How the father/son bond has evolved for him over the years.
  • The universal thing he's learned from interviewing so many dads over the years.
  • His relationship with Al Roker and what his mentorship means to him.
  • Why bringing his son to Take Your Child to Work Day made him so emotional.
  • How he is breaking the generational curse and what he is doing differently with his own kids.
  • What changed for him once he stopped molding his values to others and figured out what mattered most to him.
  • The magic of silence and stillness and how that has helped him both personally and professionally.

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