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May 25, 2023

Aurora James, founder of the luxury brand Brother Vellies + the 15 Percent Pledge joins PRETTYSMART to share stories, lessons from her new memoir “Wildflower.” She shares: 

  • Her memoir “Wildflower” and the story behind the title.
  • Why fashion was a unifier in her house growing up. 
  • The crucial life lesson her mom taught her at a very young age. 
  • Why identity is complicated for her and why it inspired her to write her book. 
  • The impact her modeling career had on her mental health. 
  • Why she wants to co-parent 5 kids with 5 different male friends.  
  • Why she was arrested when she was in college and what spending time in a jail cell taught her about women. 
  • The inspiration behind her company Brother Vellies and why she wanted to help get rid of unconscious bias in fashion. 
  • Why she has never shied away from using her brand and platform to speak up for others. 
  • The financial setback she faced even while her brand was being worn by Beyonce and Rihanna. 
  • How her non-profit, 15% Pledge,  started with an Instagram post in 2020 and the motivation behind it. 
  • Her top tips to incorporate activism in your own life. 
  • Why she believes defining success on your own terms is the key to happiness.