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Mar 16, 2023

Why do women cheat? Author, journalist, podcast host of the new series She Wants More, Jo Piazza tries to uncover the truth behind women’s infidelity. Danielle and Jo listen to several clips of women’s stories of affairs and discuss:

  • Why is women’s Infidelity is on the rise?
  • The 4 different types of affairs
  • Why women cheat vs. why men cheat: does Jo agree with Esther Perel’s hypothesis: “men cheat out of boredom and fear of intimacy and women cheat out of loneliness and hunger of intimacy.”
  • How much does lying play into cheating?
  • Is cheating forgivable?
  • Does unequal household labor (chores) increase women’s likelihood of cheating?
  • What do we expect from our partners nowadays + what are we willing to outsource? (Is it OK to outsource sex?)
  • 1 piece of love & marriage advice Jo has learned from her years of interviewing people + writing about relationships. 
  • What does the future of relationships and marriage look like? 

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