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Jun 23, 2022

Brooker Glazer is a Los Angeles based registered dietitian nutritionist. She practices intuitive eating and helps her clients find freedom with food. She’s also one of Danielle’s oldest + best friends. She has heartfelt wisdom and the best sense of humor. Today Brooke shares:
  • How healing her own eating disorder led her to intuitive eating
  • Why diets do NOT work + how to unsubscribe from diet culture
  • How to take the morality out of food (and why doing that will change your life)
  • Why it’s important to eat foods your body craves
  • How to shut down toxic dieting conversations when you’re out with your friends.
  • How our relationship with food mirrors our relationship with everything else in our lives
  • Why diets fail YOU versus you failing at your diet. 
  • Three pragmatic changes you can make today to start on the path towards intuitive eating.