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Oct 7, 2021

She’s a business and beauty icon: Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist, author, entrepreneur and founder of Jones Road + the billion dollar global brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She started her first line of makeup in 1991 at a time when bright and heavy-handed makeup was in. And while the makeup artists around her thought her natural colors would never sell, Bobbi completely disrupted the makeup industry. Four years later she sold her company for about $100 million dollars to Estee Lauder. About to celebrate it’s one year anniversary, Bobbi’s new clean makeup line Jones Road has blown up online and across stories. Today she shares her journey and some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, including:
  • How she first got into makeup by creating her own major in college.
  • How an unconventional approach helped get her in the makeup door in NYC.
  • How she created her brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics with10 lipsticks and sold them out of her house.
  • How she got into Bergdorf Goodman’s, got a book deal and became a regular on the today show all because of how she likes to talk to strangers.
  • What she believes is the true key to confidence
  • Why she was inspired to become a certified holistic health coach
  • How she decided to sell her company 4 years after she started it and the only regret she has from that decision.
  • The most valuable business opportunity that didn’t pay her a dime
  • Her beauty philosophy 

Produced by Dear Media.