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Sep 9, 2021

Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach (Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler to name a few), and the best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day. Through a deep desire to help her clients optimize their health, she quit her corporate job in cancer genetics and created Be Well By Kelly from the ground up. Now a hugely successful company with her own line of protein powder, online courses, a podcast, and bestselling books, her success didn’t happen overnight. Kelly and her husband sacrificed, lost, persevered, and invested in themselves, rebuilt time and again. Today, we talk about:
  • What it means to Kelly to be the breadwinner of her family.
  • The one person that changed the future of and leveled up her business. 
  • The moment she realized how to make more money and her advice to women who are making the same mistake she did.
  • What Jessica Alba is really like and how the support from her celebrity clients changed the game for her career.
  • How she took her job from side hustle to full-time 
  • Her biggest financial failure, the importance of an “Oh Sh*t” fund and how she rebuilt after an investment gone wrong.
  • How she is learning to hold boundaries in order to show up best as a mom, in her marriage and at work
  • Investing in herself instead of in furniture. 
  • Almost not going back to school to become a nutritionist and why it’s never too late to go after what you want.
  • Why she finds Instagram to be alienating, especially in the wellness space.

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