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Apr 20, 2023

Hollywood stylist and co-founder of “The Period Company,” Karla Welch joins PRETTYSMART to share her journey as both a stylist to the stars and as an entrepreneur. She shares: 

  • How she went from working in restaurants to working in fashion.
  • Why she believes she’s always surrounded by a little bit of magic (and how that mindset has helped her).
  • The stories behind some of the iconic looks she’s created for some of the biggest stars (Hailey + Justin Bieber, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross to name a few!)
  • Her creative process behind dressing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars + how she uses creativity as her compass.
  • How she knows when she’s got the right look on a client. 
  • What it was like being one of the first stylists to collaborate with big brands. 
  • Saying “YES” versus saying “NO”
  • How to attach your style to your story.
  • What inspired her to create “The Period Company” and their mission to end period poverty. 

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