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Dec 23, 2021

Angela Yee holds her own as a radio DJ, and the only female co-host on the syndicated radio morning show “The Breakfast Club.” She had an unexpected launch into radio, but she’s proven with her work ethic and hustle that she’s a force - and voice - worth listening to.

Today Angela shares:
  • How she landed her first radio show + the importance of a good work ethic
  • What it’s like for women working in the music industry
  • Taking vacation days to propel your career forward
  • Why she thinks your co-workers shouldn’t be your friends 
  • What she’s learned from men in hip hop
  • Getting the celebrity tea/ her revealing interview with August Alsina and Will + Jada Smith’s reaction
  • What interviewing celebrities such as Rick Ross, August Aslina, and Wale, have taught her about building authentic relationships rooted in trust
  • The sacrifices she has made for her job
  • Being an entrepreneur and her #1 financial tip


Instagram: @angelayee Twitter: @angelayee Facebook: @teamyee

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